Educate Magis


Educate Magis community site ( is now live. As you may already know we are missioned to facilitate an online community for educators in our Jesuit and Ignatian schools.  

In this email I would like to explain the capabilities that we are now live with but even more importantly I want to explain how you can get involved. It is important to stress that this is not a classic web site like the New York Times where a few journalists write all the stories. Rather Educate Magis is an online community platform, where we together can be in community sharing resources and stories and making new connections and collaborating in service of our common mission, a faith that does justice.  

The initial Educate Magis online community is now live with:  

1. Global Map: a map of the Jesuit and Ignatian schools around the world that we will keep up to date

  • please do share this with your colleagues, so they can see the diversity of our wonderful network and more importantly so they can discover and then reach out to other schools around the world 

2. Schools Profile: a profile for each school, so we can help tell your unique story  

  • please do nominate someone from your school and have them contact us, so we can upload more information on your school, so that your school will be more attractive to other schools for collaboration purposes 

3. Resources: a place to share documents, videos, keynotes and other resources that would be helpful for our community 

  • please do enjoy the initial set of resources we have loaded but more importantly please send us your resources or your requests for resources you would like to see  

 4. Newsletter: a place to sign-up for a newsletter, so we can keep you up to date with what is happening across the world of our schools  

  • please do sign-up so we can stay connected, even when you are too busy to visit the community site! 

5. Private Community: a section of the site where you can safely join as a member and find and connect with other members from around the world  

  • please do register as a member of the Educate Magis community   

6. Multiple Languages: we are a wonderfully diverse global network, so we started the site with the 3 official languages of the Society of Jesus – English, French and Spanish – and we will deliver more languages in time. In fact our platform is loaded with the ability to manage 40 languages as of today! 

  • please volunteer to be on our translation team, to help ensure that we continue to keep this global outlook 

7. Mobile Access: we know that today’s world is increasingly mobile and that Educate Magis needs to be available when you have the spare few minutes 

  • please do try Educate Magis on your mobile phone or tablet computer and save the site as a favourite  

8. Committed Core Team: we have a full-time core team working to find exciting new content (Gellért), to facilitate the community (Ciara) and to keep driving improvements to our online platform (Mark) 

  • please do send us your ideas for improvements to our online community site 

We are now officially started, albeit a humble start as is the case with all online communities. Please also remember that Saint Ignatius started with a small number of companions – but they were all committed. Please do get involved – and we look forward to “Collaborating, Empowering, Transforming” together.

God bless your work and our world, 

Ciara Beuster,  
Community Facilitator